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This is the replacement page for the site that was formerly for twenty years. The main content will now be distributed via email bulletin, but anything terribly urgent will be noted here. Regular readers will realise that is not going to mean much activity.

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The origins of UK-Jumping go back to a booklet that was issued for a few years in the mid-90s which had the good fortune to have the first entry of the first addition win at 16/1 soon after publication. That was unsustainable but the website selections produced a steady 10% profit over the online life.


To adopt film industry marketing techniques, “from the people who brought you something you liked but has only a peripheral connection” there is also an ownership syndicate, the Jokulhlaup Syndicate. Currently there are three horses on the go or in development - Dream Du Grand Val, Monty’s Award and Pete’s Choice.


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If you have any questions about uk-jumping or would like some more info on the Jokulhlaup Syndicate, the contact is as below.

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